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Photo Shoot Package Pricing

My primary interest as a photographer is creating images I can use, and to that end I encourage collaborations with models that are willing to sign a commercial model release which will allow me the right to use the images. All photo shoots are invitation only, so please contact me. I use my images for personal photo project, self-published books, and art prints.

Photography Collaboration - Artistic Nude/Implied Nude - No Cost
This is a collaborative photo shoot with a model who is willing to give me the rights to the images and will receive a copy of the images for their own use on CD. The model is expected to handle their wardrobe, hair and make-up and meet up ready for shooting.
Free of charge
Model Release:
Length of Shoot:
Variable, but generally runs 3 hours for shooting and 1 hour to cut the CD(s)


The model receives CD(s) of all images from the shoot (unedited jpegs). I will edit 10 images of the model's choice from the shoot. The model is free to use any of the images from the shoot for personal self-promotion and portfolios. 

Short Professional Photoshoot - $150/hour
This is a professional photo shoot with a client who wants images for a specific purpose and doesn't want to allow the photographer rights to the image (i.e. the images are work for hire and belong to the model).
$150.00 per hour.

[Note: The price includes all of the following: up to 1 hour (one-way) travel time for the photographer (or studio setup), and CD(s) of the images from the digital camera. The price does not include: Hair, makeup or clothing stylist; costumes; location rental; photographer's assistant or chaperone. These items are the responsibility of the client, if they are desired.]

Model Release:
Length of Shoot:
1-2 Hours
CD(s) of Unedited JPEG images
8 Fully Edited Images

[Note: Additional edited photos can be added to the package. $30.00 for each additional full edit, $5.00 for each additional adjusted and balanced image.]

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